Art. 359: ALUGAS TRAVELmate refillable cylinder 2 x 14 Kg. MS Multivalve

two Gas cylinder refillable aluminum 14 kg. Multivalve

Alugas TRAVELmate

New with level indicator gauge

Lightweight 7,5 kg.

with 80 % Filling-stop-valve The bottle has an automatic filling stop when 80% are reached i.e. the refuelling ends when 14kg (28ltr.) are reached.

Diameter 300 mm Height 680mm (without grip)

Height with grip 700 mm you can uninstall the grip weight 7,5 Kg.

Admission:  CE 2014/68/EU CE0036

can use for 10 Years after this a new proof is necessary

Included: Filler Kit with 1,5 meter fill hose Fill Adapter Kit ( Bajonett, Dish, ACME, Nozzle )

Shipping Weight: kg 25
Availibilty: available
contained 16% VAT plus Shipping

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